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   Bela's Quick-Spark Cleaning Services








   Bela's goal carries the highest quality standard industrial, janitorial, commercial and residential cleaning service in a professional way.

 Cleaning Contract Available


Janitorial Services   Commercial Offices,  Stores,  Post-Construction,  Houses  and  Condo Property Cleaning Service

Commercial / Industrial Office Cleaning

   Frequency ( express, one-time, daily/nightly, weekends, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) contract cleaning.

   Quality of cleaning service required ( one-time deep cleaning, detailed cleaning, semi-detailed cleaning, touch-up cleaning ) optional


  • School buildings /Industrial Offices( offices, washrooms, living rooms, lunch rooms, meeting rooms )

  • Banks ( Offices cubicles, lunchroom, washrooms, floors, glass doors/windows

  • Medical Offices / Hospitals ( washrooms, lunhrooms, offices )


  • MALLS / Stores ( Floors, Washrooms, elavators/escalators/ stairs, exit /entrance doors )

  • Houses and Condominiums ( washrooms, kitchen,bedrooms/, stairs, living room, appliances, fixtures/furnitures, floors/carpets, laundry)

  • Post Construction Cleaning ( dusting, vacuuming, mopping, polishing )

  • Moving-in / Moving-out Cleaning ( one-time deep cleaning )

  • House for Viewing/ Selling ( One time-deep cleaning/ and disinfect 

Additional Cleaning Services ( Features ) 

During or After Party

  • Banquet Hall   ( kitchen, tables, chairs, floors, washrooms, )

  • Mess Hall / Reception Hall  ( kitchen, tables, chairs, floors, washrooms )





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